Winter feelings

I have serious cabin fever mixed with winter blues topped with pure bliss because of the weather this week. It’s all very confusing and exhausting and I am ready for spring. Why? Well, of course I’ll tell you…

As we all know, New England has had a ridiculous amount of winter this year. It’s old news at this point and most of the country is, I am sure, tired of hearing about how Bostonians are going mad with the cold and snow. Why can’t they just deal with it and move on? There must be something else to talk about, and we haven’t had a proper snow fall of more than a few inches in almost a month I think. Except, speaking as someone who lives in eastern Massachusetts just south of Boston…

The snow is still a problem. It’s not old news for us. We still have to put our cars in 4 wheel drive to get out of the driveway. We still have to move our cars from streets overnight for snow removal efforts. (You haven’t lived until you’ve seen tens upon tens of dump trucks lined up in streets that are only one lane wide due to snow, ready to take snow away for wider streets.) We still have to peer around corners and dive out into traffic we can’t see because of snow banks. It feels like we may as well close our eyes and pray instead of try to actually see… Vision is futile. And we still have narrow sidewalks, games of chicken with bicyclists, and random ice patches everywhere to take out unsuspecting moms with strollers. Snowmageddon isn’t over yet, and it won’t be until some of this crap melts.

Except it’s not going to melt, ever, according to an article I just read on, one of my friendly neighborhood Boston local news sites.

Why is the snow never going to melt, and we will be stuck in eternal winter? Because we still have an average of 2 feet of snow everywhere. Yup. That’s just the average. To all you Midwesterners, Alaskans, and people from everywhere that usually gets significantly more snow than Boston, I applaud your winter abilities. Your stamina is impressive and I bow to your yearly trials. I hope I never have another winter like this… But I digress.

The snow is never going to melt because it’s March and we are never going to get enough days in a row that are warm enough AND sunny enough to make a difference.

According to CBS, Monday through Wednesday this week the temperatures will be in the upper 40s. By Wednesday afternoon we will have some places in the low 50s. It’s a veritable heat wave and I’m ready to put away my winter coat. I left the house yesterday with just a sweater/scarf combination. I even wore shoes that aren’t fleece-lined without wool socks. It was madness. I thought all day yesterday that maybe this meant that, despite the cooler temperatures predicted for later this week (and the awful wintry mix mess we will get over the weekend) the snow would drastically shrink. We have no such luck. We live in Massachusetts, we’re prone to bad luck in weather. And bad luck this time means that three whole days of lovely warm(ish) temperatures isn’t enough to shave much off our snowbanks.

The way snow melts is kind of super cool and sciencey. I do not speak the science, so I will try and explain this in a way that I would understand if I were reading it. Thanks for the happy explanation CBS. Snow melts from top to bottom, which makes sense. The top layer absorbs heat/temperatures that snow feels are heated. The heat works on the bonds in the molecules, which eventually break. Broken bonds = water, which trickles down through the snow pack to the bottom, which leaves a new layer open for heat and sun. I think that’s really cool, especially because apparently the physics behind this is way more complicated and detailed and scary, because science. Anyway…

Apparently, under normal circumstances over three days of temperatures like these we would lose only 2″-4″ of snow pack. That’s under normal circumstances, when it isn’t too windy to blow the moisture away that helps the snow to melt. Also, that’s three days that are presumably reasonably sunny. Yesterday was pretty sunny, and today isn’t exactly cloudy, but I’m not hoping too hard. For tops 4″ of melt I don’t get my heart too set on things because I live at the top of a hill that is almost always windy, and our house blocks the sun a lot of the day. And, well, here’s the kicker. Snow color also impacts the rate of melt. Brown snow, like the disgusting stuff along the streets, melts faster than white snow. So those giant snow banks along streets that have brown feet and beautiful pearly white peaks? Those are going to be around for a while. The bottoms will melt, because they’re spread out into the street, but the heights will be pretty consistent for a while.

Also, my entire house is surrounded by pure white snow.

I’m never going to see grass again. I’m convinced that this winter will never end and I’m going to have to bundle up forever. At the same time I am SO HAPPY that it is this warm out! 45 and partly cloudy? IT’S PRACTICALLY TIME FOR SANDALS! …Except for the snow that would make my toes cold. Maybe sandals are a premature move. I’m conflicted and exhausted, because this winter has been long and usually I love winter. This winter I’ve hated it since the second snow storm. And the amount of snow has been exhausting in and of itself, have been the abnormally low temperatures.

Basically I’m tired of weather and I’m moving to Las Vegas to live with my grandparents. Except not, because the boyfriend wouldn’t like that. He probably wouldn’t come with me, even though if I stay here I will have a psychotic break because of the snow.

To help offset the crazed trapped feeling I turned down the heat and opened a bunch of windows in my house yesterday. It got kinda chilly, but oh boy does it smell beautifully fresh in there now! Maybe my pessimism is overkill and we’ll actually see grass before May.

Or maybe we’ll just be buried by more snow in the next few weeks. Either way, a trapped Beth spells more rants on here. Oh joy.


One thought on “Winter feelings

  1. Grandma Nancy says:

    Sorry you’re still struggling with winter. Our Las Vegas weather is warmer than normal – highs of upper 70’s and 80 by Friday. Time for you two to visit!


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