Crime Thrillers Are My Favorite and They Scare Me

Does anyone else have this problem? I love crime thrillers. I love suspenseful tv shows where you don’t know who’s in on the bad guys and there is a lot of blood and death. I can’t get enough of them…

…And they give me nightmares. I see things out of the corner of my eye and scare myself to pieces. I turn all the lights on in the house when I’m home alone because I’m too scared to walk to the bathroom down a dark hallway (we keep our lights off a lot if we’re not using a room). I get scared in the shower, because for some reason that’s where I get spooked the most. And at night, if I’m coming back from the bathroom I’ll jump into bed over my poor boyfriend to avoid the monsters I’m sure are under the bed.

Now, I don’t like horror movies. You can keep your “Friday the 13th” and “Psycho” and “The Shining” and all the rest. I want nothing to do with them. The only movie vaguely like that I have enjoyed is “Dead Snow”, because Nazi Zombies coming out of the snow to kill random campers is hilarious to me. For the rest though, I don’t like them. I can deal with “Silence of the Lambs” because it’s much more crime thriller-y than horror-y, but it’s not as good to me as a good cop show. I’m not sure why I love one kind of thing that scares me and not the other, but that’s how I am. I’ve learned to accept it, and the continuous stream of “But… if those shows scare you and you like them, why not those films?” People just don’t understand my nuances!

I’m sure it seems childish and I know that it’s pretty funny for me to get so scared and act like I do. And, despite my terror, I just keep doing this to myself! I can’t stop. Ever since I saw my first clip of “Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit” I’ve been totally hooked on this sort of thing. My interests run the gamut… Serious crime thrillers all the way to comic crime tv (although I haven’t been able to get into “Psych”). Give me “Bones”, or “NCIS”, or good ol’ fashioned “SVU” and I’m happy as a clam all day.

Well, I just got into “The Following”. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a show starring Kevin Bacon as a washed up alcoholic ex-FBI agent who is called back in to help recapture a serial killer he put away several years earlier. It’s one of those great shows that has a totally fab hook and before 45 seconds are up in the first episode you’re panting at the screen wondering what’s going to happen next. I blame my best friend, E, for putting me onto this show. And I therefore blame her for tonight’s nightmares and shower terrors. I can’t stop watching.

The beauty of these shows is that the really good ones make you think. You’re doing the puzzle at the same time as the characters are. Sometimes they figure it out first, sometimes you figure it out first… But it can really work your brain! This is the kind of puzzle I love. I live to play the plot game. Usually I’m pretty good at it, but this time I’m barely keeping up. I love it! The challenge is great, and gosh is it a good show!

Excuse me while I get sucked back into the abyss that is Netflix. I’ve got a serial killer to figure out!


One thought on “Crime Thrillers Are My Favorite and They Scare Me

  1. Grandma Nancy says:

    I love mysteries and read them or listen to the audio books, frequently, regardless of how intense they get, BUT, I cannot watch any movie that is suspenseful. That makes me too nervous. I never have nightmares about them, though. The mysteries I can watch are the ones by Agatha Christie. I especially like the Hercule Poirot series staring David Suchet, on PBS.


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