Who is Beff?

Hi there. I’m Beth.

You may have noticed that my name is not spelled with Fs, as the title of this blog would suggest. Beff is what my brothers called me when they were younger, and there is a story that spawned that blog name. I’ll tell you sometime. Probably really soon, because it’s a great story and it will embarrass my brother. Not that I condone sibling embarrassment. That would be wrong.

You may have also noticed that being 25 is hard for me. I think it’s hard for everybody, really, and I want to write about that. And also about love, and happiness, and politics, and feminism, and a whole bunch of other stuff. However, there is definitely going to be a lot about how being 25 is not what I thought it would be when I was younger. For example, I’m certainly not a grown up. When I was 13 I thought I would be. Oops. You can’t be right all the time.

Who Is Beff, anyway?

I am 26 years old and will complete a Masters of Museum Education this summer. I also completed more than half of a Masters of Arts and Teaching program in Secondary History before I decided I didn’t want to teach in a traditional classroom. When’s a better time to make a life-altering decision than when you’re a twenty-something, have no money, recently moved in with your boyfriend, and have trouble remembering to brush your teeth?

Aside from all that, I have three fabulous younger siblings, two pretty great parents, a wonderful roommate who puts up with my shenanigans, and a fabulous fiancé who understands my jumbled-together words when I’m excited. I’ll most definitely have some stories about all of these characters, and more, at some point. Maybe some day they’ll forgive me. (Or not. I hope they don’t put frogs or something in my bed to get back at me. That would be gross.)

When I’m not bugging my family members and living companions I play the fife, read, watch Netflix A LOT, and peruse the interwebs for things that make me rage. That’s probably not a healthy habit, but I kind of like it. Then again, I like running too but that rarely makes me feel good right when I start.

Why A Blog?

Well, I started this blog when I had just quit grad school and I had all this time on my hands when I should have beeen practicing or finding a volunteer position at a museum. What better use of my time than to write about my feelings on the internet for a bunch of people, or maybe only me? I have a lot of feelings about a lot of things, so this is likely to be a random collection of thoughts. I apologize in advance. I hope at some point I make you laugh, or at least think.


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